Business Law

Owning and running a business is more than just a job. It’s how you support yourself and take care of your family. We can provide guidance for many aspects of your company, from entity formation and employment law to specific nuances of each industry. We have extensive experience supporting a business from its beginning to end and can confidently partner with you to achieve success.

How We Can Help

A business is only as strong as its foundation. A good first step is registering your new entity with the state; something we can help you accomplish. But that’s only the first—and easiest—task on your list. You’ll need a dynamic operating agreement, contracts, and employee policies to really get going. Let’s set you up for success with a legal professional that can guide you through building a strong foundation.

Industry Focuses

They say farming is a lifestyle, and any farm family would tell you that’s true. But family farms are also sophisticated businesses with the same legal needs as any other business, albeit with a few special considerations. Although handshake agreements were once sufficient to run your farm, today’s legal environment requires more. Your farm deserves legal representation by attorneys with a background and industry experience. Attorney Amanda Zaluckyj’s family farms row crops in Michigan. Attorney Janet Horvath comes from a long line of dairy farmers. With Athora Law on your side, we can help you enter into more favorable contracts, manage farming’s substantial risks, and create a succession plan to pass your farm to the next generation.

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