Athora’s Christmas Decorating Contest — Staff Edition

Amanda Zaluckyj - Wednesday December 6, 2023

It’s the holidays at Athora and we wanted to have a friendly competition that would get us in the spirit. At the end of October, we all traveled to Frankenmuth, Michigan to visit Bronner’s, the largest Christmas store in the world. We spent a day of shopping picking out items to decorate our personal spaces at the office. Our theme this year is, appropriately, “the story begins.” We hope you’ll enjoy seeing how we each interpreted that into a festive space!

Scroll down to see each staff entry, and vote at the bottom of the page. Voting ends December 22, 2023 at noon!

Entry 1: Abreise (Departing on the Journey)


For Athora Law Group’s inaugural Christmas display, I wanted to explore our first theme, “The Story Begins,” through my cultural heritage.

While reflecting on the theme, I thought about how each member of Team Athora is embarking on a journey together. But how did we get here? Each of us has a rich, unique story which led us to this place. Each of us had parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents who worked hard so that their descendants could succeed one day. Imagine all of those beautiful stories – highs and lows, triumphs and failures – woven together into an epic narrative, all culminating in each one of us. It’s a humbling thought.

So where did the story begin? Very different places for all of us. For me, though, the story began long ago in Germany. My ancestors came from all over Germany, from Munich to Wittenberg, and even though my family has lived in America for over two hundred years, our German heritage remains a significant part of our identity.

As we set out on this new journey together, I hope each of us can take a moment to remember all of those who helped us get to this point in our lives and careers. This is neither the true beginning nor the true end for any of us, but it is Our Beginning. With that in mind, I present my German Christmas display as a nod to my origins and as a symbol of our personal stories intertwining in this new adventure.

Each decoration is a representation of the roots from which each member of our law firm has grown. Each classic German ornament and twinkling light signifies a past chapter in my long story, and a new chapter in the story of Athora Law Group. As the story begins, I hope that the resilience and aspirations of greatness passed down through generations to me and to each of us become the hallmark of our firm’s future. Frohe Weihnachten to all of you as we celebrate the tale of Athora Law Group’s remarkable first year and hearken the successes of many years to come!

Entry 2: Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland!


Christmas starts for children once it snows and they start seeing the decorations go up. They want to make gingerbread houses and play outside in the snow.

Entry 3: Candy Land


There are a few reasons this team chose the “Candy Land” theme. We really liked the fact that we could design a Christmas theme and show that over the years, Candy Land has changed the game design several times.

People come and go, locations change, and so do names. But there is one thing has stayed the same….and that is these 3 wonderful women that we work for.

Their dedication of their work and continuation of taking care of their staff and clients speaks for itself. Which is why we are proud to be a part of the Athora Law Group Story!

There may be several changes, but like Candy Land, the game has stayed the same!

The Winner

Congratulations to Callie and Sara who won the contest with the most votes!

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