Athora’s Christmas Decorating Contest — Partner Edition

Amanda Zaluckyj - Wednesday December 6, 2023

It’s the holidays at Athora and we wanted to have a friendly competition that would get us in the spirit. At the end of October, we all traveled to Frankenmuth, Michigan to visit Bronner’s, the largest Christmas store in the world. We spent a day of shopping picking out items to decorate our personal spaces at the office. Our theme this year is, appropriately, “the story begins.” We hope you’ll enjoy seeing how we each interpreted that into a festive space!

Scroll down to see each staff entry, and vote at the bottom of the page. Voting ends December 22, 2023 at noon!

Entry 1: The story begins…


From the Jan. 2 toast to new traditions to our great open house, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Entry 2: Merry Sweet-mas!


Who has a sweet tooth? Athora, that’s who! This candy and treats inspired tree is an homage to Athora’s grand opening and the magical purple-candy buffet offered to guests. From M&Ms featuring the Athora lion to purple chocolate covered pretzel sticks, this tree captures the sweetest part of our ribbon cutting. And guests sharing a glass of wine with us often leave with a bag of sweet treats.

But it’s also a recognition of the people who make Team Athora. In this office, we celebrate our accomplishments and each other—usually with something sweet. Special moments—birthdays, work anniversaries, engagements, passing the bar, and professional recognition—are marked by gathering together and enjoying cakes, donuts, cookies, and candy (and, yes, sometimes a glass of wine). Some members of Team Athora are skilled bakers, so you’ll often find baked goods in our breakroom, as well as a candy bowl that always needs refilling.

The story of Athora begins with the people who show up every day to make this dream a reality. And my tree celebrates our tradition of appreciating each other.

Entry 3: Memory Makers


The story begins at Athora, and this tree has it all covered. It’s elegant and timeless, nostalgic, and features a bit of whimsy. The purple and silver bulbs harken back to Athora’s purple scheme. And the glittery lions are an obvious reference to the firm’s noble logo.

But look a little closer and you’ll see ornaments highlighting the behind-the-scenes moments from our first year. There’s a paint swatch stirring up recollections of choosing the perfect shade of purple for the reception room’s wall (do you even know how many shades of purple exist?). You’ll notice the charcuterie board evoking visions of the massive spread featured at our grand opening. The apothecary jar with little candies harkens back to our candy buffet. The stacked boxes on a dolly reflects on moving…twice, and all the packages we’ve received.  And you surely won’t miss the various wine glasses and wine bar on the tree; our affinity for wine is unique among law firms.

All of these memories are captured in a shimmering, glittering tree that—literally—says “Athora.”

The Winner

Congratulations to Amanda for winning with her Merry Sweet-mas tree!

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