A Different Type of Zooming in Court

Amanda Zaluckyj - Thursday May 30, 2024

In the age of virtual courtrooms, we’ve all experienced our fair share of technical glitches and awkward moments on Zoom calls. But one Michigan man took the cake—or should we say, took the wheel?—with his perplexing behavior during a recent court appearance.

Corey Harris, whose driver’s license had been suspended, logged into the virtual court session while actively driving. The sheer obliviousness of this act left everyone, including the presiding judge, in utter disbelief. The hearing was held by the Washtenaw County Court in Michigan, and the incident has since gained widespread attention.

Judge Cedric Simpson, presiding over the hearing, was visibly taken aback. Unsurprising since it’s not every day that a judge sees a defendant commit the very act they are being prosecuted for during the court proceedings. Judge Simpson, maintaining his professionalism, couldn’t help but express his shock and concern.

“Are you driving right now?” Judge Simpson asked, his voice tinged with confusion. Harris only belatedly realized the problems his actions created. He not only admitted he was driving to a doctor’s appointment, even telling the judge as soon as he was parked. Judge Simpson revoked Harris’ bond and instructed him to report to the county jail by that evening.

The incident serves as an amusing reminder to take court proceedings seriously, even when attending digitally. The judge is real, the court is real, and the consequences are real. Failing to heed this advice may make your next court appearance the latest viral sensation.